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Outdoor Adventure:The Inn at Pleasant Lake

                                  by Deirdre Frost–

Set deep in the woods, the Inn at Pleasant Lake is in a perfect spot, overlooking  Pleasant Lake and Mount Kearsarge.  

Lake Pleasant
A cozy spot at the Inn at Lake Pleasant.

Near New London and Sunapee State Park, the Inn is an ideal base to explore and enjoy the many outdoor activities offered in this beautiful and picturesque region.  

One of the key attractions is hiking the trails in the R.H. Webb Forest Preserve as part of the SRK Greenway, an 80­mile trail around the Lake Sunappee region, which passes over the summits of Mount Sunapee, Ragged Mountain and Mount Kearsarge.   
Mount Sunapee
Inn at Lake Pleasant
Skiing at Mount Sunapee
The cool, comfortable breezes atop Mount Sunapee invigorate the viewer overlooking the scenic Lake Sunapee below.  One of the best breathtaking views is gazing out at the blue turquoise outline of the lake and in the distance the green mountain scenery.  Within a few minutes, the Sunapee Express lift carries aloft visitors who have the opportunity to gaze below at the extraordinary scenery.
Inn at Lake Pleasant
Fine dining at the Inn at Lake Pleasant.
In keeping with the surroundings, The Inn at Pleasant Lake is an elegant Inn with one of the best fine dining experiences in New Hampshire. The marvelous views of the lake are uplifting as guests enjoy the candlelight and in the background, classical music. The menu is just as exciting with Chef Leary offering a sensory experience in balancing the flavor, texture, and appearance of specially selected local ingredients.
This fine cuisine is cooked to perfection with each of the entrees carefully planned to complement the other courses gastronomically. Guests are delighted with Chef Leary’s craftsmanship ensuring that each dish is special and superbly prepared.  The romantic atmosphere within the spacious dining area affords a quiet privacy for couples who wish to enjoy an intimate dining experience.
The Inn provides a relaxing and an invigorating place to stay after a long day out in the beautiful outdoors. Each room is tastefully decorated providing a very comfortable nights stay.  
Exploring the Great Outdoors
Looking from the front door of the Inn is Pleasant Lake with its own private beach. Ideal for swimming and watersports, including kayaking and fishing.  Also appealing is walking a short distance to the Webb Forest Interpretive Trail on a 4­mile circuit over hilly terrain.  Before setting out, it is best to check with the Innkeepers, who will provide a trail guide to nearby hikes that are suitable for all ages and skill levels.  
Pleasant Lake
The popular Cornish Windsor Bridge.
Another option is to take the Covered Bridge Tour. Travel on the back roads through quiet New Hampshire towns, while exploring a variety of historic covered bridges as destinations.  As part of the challenge, the Inn sponsors the Caleb’s Covered Bridge Caper, which is a scavenger hunt and a photo contest with a twist. The Inn’s website and Facebook page provide more details on this challenge.
Cyclists can also arrange a “Bike and Stay” package that includes travel to other Inns within the Lake region. Starting at the Inn at Pleasant Lake, cyclists can ride to the Highland Lake Inn in Andover where they can stay before moving along scenic byways. The tour consists of 36 miles along the Northern Rail Trail that is especially suitable for hybrid bikes. “What’s to love about New Hampshire is that nature is dominant,” according to Innkeeper, Scott Reed. Nature brings with it a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind and body.  
Mount Sunapee Resort is a year round destination that attracts those seeking the outdoor beauty, adventure, and inspiration of the mountain scenery. After enjoying the climb to the summit, the views are worth the effort.  Outdoor enthusiasts will find this experience greatly rewarding and feel a sense of accomplishment. Other sought out activities include hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, which can round out a full, complete outdoor adventure.
The forests, mountains and lakes evoke a powerful emotional response to living in the wild as it works its magic and stirs our spirits. As nature is dear to our hearts, so is the Lake Sunapee Region full of beauty and wonder for your whole family.

For further details, contact the following:
The Inn at Pleasant Lake ­ Tel: (603) 526­6271;
Lake Sunapee Region – Tel: (603) 526­6575;
Mount Sunapee Resort – Tel: (603) 763­3500;

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