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Submission Guidelines

We have put some guidelines in place for submitting articles to this site. The guidelines are here to help streamline the process of submitting articles and to make it easier yourself and We have provided an in-depth section on this site as well as a form for the submission for articles to this site. Please read below for the guidelines.

  1. Articles maybe of any length and do not need to adhere to a certain format. We have provided a rich editing form for you to be able to properly layout your article.
  2. Please make all links open in a new window. This can be set under the “Target” tab of the link options window. This will keep readers on your article when they click on a link for more information. If not set than they will be carried away from the site when activating the link to the resource.
  3. Make sure all images are resized to 640 x 480 before submission to the site. This helps you upload your images faster and helps us save on bandwidth and file space. You are as well providing the end user with a more pleasant experience by having fast loading images as opposed to larger ones that may take a few minutes to download. Remember to be kind and resize!
  4. Please do not place images in line in the articles. The submission form will automatically place the images in the article in a column to the right in the order you have uploaded them through the form.
  5. You are allowed up to 10 images per article.
  6. Please keep captions on images as brief and descriptive as possible. Typically captions on most sites run about 3 to 7 words. This helps keep all articles uniformed in appearance.