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Authentic Vermont Experience at Landgrove Inn by Deirdre Frost

The Landgrove Inn

This country inn is one of Landgrove’s best kept secrets.

This ice stream reflects nature’s  winter beauty.

Farming still prevails in Landgrove.

In high expectation, my mate and I set off on an adventurous drive through the heavy wooded landscape in the rugged, remote area of southern Vermont on the way towards Manchester.  Along the back country roads, we enjoy the dense forests and mountain scenery with no one in sight. Slowing down and enjoying the silence of nature is an ethereal experience that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York City, which is four hours away.

No matter how many times we drive through this region, we feel entranced by nature’ peace whether it is watching the gurgling water from the streams teeming from the mountainside or watching birds of prey circling above the forests – all is in harmony with the natural surroundings. Reaching Londonderry, we turn into Landgrove Road which leads into a dirt road and the entry to a land gore known as Landgrove.

This small community includes a scattering of private homes and working farms with horses and cattle grazing in the meadows.

Piebald horses graze at a nearby farm.

Wandering pass these farms, we peer closely at a few rusted tractors on display and wonder whether these vintage models are the prized possessions of some old-time farmers.  Perhaps, Landgrove’s appeal is that it still somehow manages to maintain its old rural culture and charm.

This small country town identifies with the “real Vermont” that still preserves its low-key, rural character.

Country Inn with Rural Culture and Charm

This Inn is ideal for relaxing in a rustic setting.

By chance, we find the country retreat that we are looking for — The Landgrove Inn, a former 19th century dairy farm with a bright red exterior with white trim. This goes beyond expectations when we experience the warm hospitality of Innkeepers, Maureen and Tom Checcia, who create a cozy ambiance that make guests feel right at home.  The inn offers the pleasures that were enjoyed by past celebrities like the Kennedys and former NYC Mayor John Lindsey and his wife, Mary, and a Rudyard Kipling great nephew and other famous individuals who came to ski and relax at the inn. Since then, the inn attracts individuals, couples and children who come to experience the exhilarating country life.

Now, the owners have carefully restored the old farmhouse retaining some of the original architecture in the living rooms, but refurnishing the 18-room inn for the guests to feel part of its true heritage.  Making everyone feel at home, the inn welcomes children and even allows for dogs and cats with some pet-friendly rooms.

Leisure Activities and Art Workshops:

A real delight is venturing out and exploring acres of picturesque pastures, flowing rivers and walking trails. The wooded landscape provides an ideal backdrop for taking a swim in the outdoor pool or taking a stroll to the beautiful pond at the edge of the woodlands. For those artistically inclined, the inn offers a variety of art workshops that is housed in a separate building where individuals can be immersed in art in a serene, woodland setting.   

The chance to experience the great outdoors appeals to young and old alike.  Having a multi-generational outing, parents might like to take their children on a brisk walk to the nearby horse farm, then turn at the fork in the road before reaching a stretch of icy patch and feeling in awe from the deep silence of the forest.

Now, it’s possible to continue our trek to the next town into Londonderry, but in our case, we were ready to retrace our steps to the inn for a sumptuous country breakfast of fresh eggs, bacon, and hot blueberry pancakes.  Once we feel fortified, we are ready for adventure.

Our plan is to drive to the nearby town of Weston to visit the priory and then do some shopping for homemade goods, antiques and collectibles at the popular Vermont Country Store and Weston Village Christmas Shop.  We then will have lunch at the Magic Mountain Black Line Tavern before taking to the slopes for some downhill skiing.

Dining at Landgrove delights guests and locals who enjoy the delicious country cuisine.

Returning to Landgrove Inn, our expectations are high as we dine in the rustic, country setting.  We savor the delicious entrees that include fine  selection of local cuisine including: crispy roast duckling with blueberry sauce, prime rib au jus, grilled teriyaki flat iron steak, baked haddock topped with ritz-cracker crumbs and other luscious sounding menu items. According to Executive Chef Joe Kapitanski, the locally sourced ingredients are a mainstay to his selections. The desserts are just as tempting, especially the homemade bread pudding and the sweet apple crisp.

Homemade Apple Crisp is a favorite Vermont specialty.

In summing up our experience, we find the Landgrove Inn not only brings warm hospitality to the region, but also, its true value is combining old tradition with modern comforts for an “authentic Vermont” experience. At any time of year, this inn offers an awesome experience in a country hideaway.

For further information and details:

Landgrove Inn – children and pets welcomed; wheelchair accessible Premier Creative Art Workshops offered April – November. Tel: 800-669-8466; 802-824-6673   E-mail:; Website:

Skiing near Landgrove Inn

Magic Mountain and Black Line Tavern are easily accessible from Landgrove.

Only a few miles away in Londonderry, Magic Mountain is known for having the best vertical drop that attracts snowboarders and skiers alike.  Watch the action on the slopes at the Black Line Tavern while enjoying good food and entertainment.

Magic Mountain Ski Resort and Black Line Tavern; Tel: (802) 824-5645; Website:



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