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Bonjour! BerlitzKids 1000 French Words

1000 French Words

Publisher: Berlitz Publishing

Reviewed by Lia Sorgen and “Tante Carol”

I think that 1000 French Words will help kids, and grownups of all ages, learn French easily. 1000 French Words has the most common words that people would use to talk to French people. Also, the illustrated pictures help younger children understand how to memorize French in the most fun way.
–Lia Sorgen, 9 years old

And now a word from Lia’s Aunt Carol (who is older than 9 but let’s not get into that!). As one who speaks French, and has been teaching Lia un peu de francais ever since she was old enough to talk, I think this colorful, kid-friendly French vocabulary book is a great find-and as Lia said, not just for kids.

One thousand everyday words are presented in 27 engagingly illustrated and colorful scenes, from “La famille” (the family), to “A la plage” (at the beach), to “Le voyage” (travel)…with much more in between. At the end of the book (a 64-page paperback edition), you’ll find a list of “plus de mots” (more words) including common adjectives, nouns, numbers, days, months, elements of time, and “mots utiles” (useful words).

For children, the colorful illustrations paired with both the French and English vocabulary words, will give them a running head start in learning another language (and I’ll refrain from getting on my soapbox here and stressing the importance of learning another language, especially as a child…suffice it to say, I highly recommend this book and the others in the series, Spanish, German, Italian, and English for Spanish speakers). Even for those who speak French, unless you’re a native-born speaker or have spent time in virtually any situation you can think of, you’re bound to pick up some new words yourself. Who knew that a roller coaster is called “les montagnes russes?” Pas moi! Of course, I’ve never yet had to use that in conversation, but should Lia and I wind up at EuroDisney in Paris one day it might be helpful for me to know how to say something other than, “Non, tu ne peut pas monter les montagnes russes! (No, you can’t ride the roller coaster!)…peut-etre au lieu de cela “la maison hantee?” (Perhaps instead the haunted house?).

1000 French Words est un livre tres utile! (1000 French Words is a very useful book!)

–“Tante” (Aunt) Carol” Sorgen