Matagorda County, Texas: It’s (Not Just) For The Birds

by Dorothea S. Michelman For someone whose avian expertise has hovered comfortably in the hummingbird, robin, and Canada goose range, a sojourn in Matagorda County, where the 900-mile long Colorado River kisses the Gulf of Mexico. This spot is equally beloved by feathered and non-feathered visitors and certainly expanded my horizons as I eagerly scanned …

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Where Eagles Soar

Nature-Based Tourism Rates High in Texas By Dorothea S. Michelman Texas’s tourism industry advocates conserving natural resources, preserves, animal habitats and encourages a laid-back rural lifestyle. Also known as “Ecotourism” it couples important economic benefits with a variety of outdoor activities, among them hiking, birding and wildlife watching. A worthy model of nature-based tourism is …

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