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Historic Purple Bridge Opens for Foot Traffic Between Kentucky and Ohio

by Mary Gallagher

America’s only pedestrian bridge linking two states opened April 26th connecting Cincinnati, Ohio and Newport, Kentucky and let me tell you it is great and the perfect plan for an old bridge! The color is pretty hysterical at first but turned out to add even more fun to our crossing.

The Newport Southbank Bridge, formerly the L&N (Louisville and Nashville) Railroad Bridge, has been refurbished into a (truly!) vibrant, purple pedestrian thoroughfare bridging Ohio and Kentucky. Developed by the organization responsible for the continuing expansion on the river in Newport, Southbank Partners, and now owned by the non-profit Newport Southbank Bridge Co., the bridge is 17 feet wide and spans 2,760 feet over the Ohio River.

“Now people in both states, on each side of the Ohio River, can access the new Great American Ball Park and other Cincinnati Riverfront attractions as well as the hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities in Northern Kentucky. It makes the region as vibrant as the purple color of the bridge.” said Southbank President Wally Pagan.

Every year I make it back to Newport and the entire Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area and there are constantly amazing changes that make these annual visits a continuing discovery process.

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