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Always another journey.

 comments by Mary Gallagher
Dear Friends:IMAG1160_1
Living in Charleston SC has made me more aware than ever of the lack of public facilities (restrooms) in what some consider a top tourism town (as well as roads and bridges to rival a third world country).

When I was traveling in Malaysia a few years ago the minister of tourism was most concerned with the condition of public rest rooms. In some cases any condition is better than no facilities. We’ve come to depend on McDonalds throughout the world and we need to keep them going strong in all locations at least for their free toilets!

There are a few rules of the road like A. Only pack what you can carry. B. See it, Like it, Buy it. C. Always have a snack in your bag even if it’s only a few peanuts. D. Pass a restroom (toilet) use it.

In some circumstances placing your feet next to a hole in the ground behind a brick wall is what we have to do. But in Charleston residents of the Battery and White Gardens area frequently get to witness desperate tourists peeing in their bushes and more (fashion hint: going in the bushes is easier if you’re wearing a skirt). The city is/has long been aware of the problem but this is the south and it will be another 100 years before anything is done. So in your own best interest before you start exploring (any city) determine the location of at least a few public facilities. Here are suggestions to start you out in Charleston, SC.

Some are in public parking garages, libraries, hospitals, larger department stores like H & M downtown,

the Halsey Gallery at C of C on Calhoun Street. The lobby of the Marion Hotel as most hotels always have public restrooms close to the lobby entrance. The visitors center, the Market on Bay St by the horse carriages (not the Saturday farmers market in Marion Square). Some historic homes that you purchase a ticket to enter but not all. Always carry tissues.

Happy Trails,