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Insiders Guide: Elbert County, Georgia

Elbert County, Georgia


Guidestones, Elberton, GA

Photograph of the Granite Guidestones in the Granite Capital of the World, Elberton, GA.


*Local Expert*

Susan Warner- Elbert County, Georgia Camera Ready Liaison


*Short Bio*

Elbert County has received its Camera Ready designation from the Georgia Department of Economic Development. What this means to you is that we are trained to work with production companies to provide one-on-one local assistance.

My job as the Camera Ready Liaison is to find promotional interest in our county including film and print.


*What is the best way to get to and from the airport*

72 miles from the Greenville airport

100 miles from the Atlanta airport


*Favorite 5-star hotel*

Newly renovated with downtown central location: Samuel Elbert Hotel


*Favorite budget hotel*

Magnuson Hotel


*5 places that visitors must see*

Georgia Guidestones

Quarry industry, including the Rock Gym

Bobby Brown Park (county owned)

Richard B. Russell State Park

The Sandbar, Bowman, Georgia on the Broad River


*Best local newspaper* 

Elberton Star


*Website for what’s going on about town*


*Favorite fine dining restaurant*  

White Plate Restaurant inside the Samuel Elbert Hotel


*Favorite for Breakfast*

McIntosh Coffee Shoppe

*Best place to get a coffee*   
McIntosh Coffee Shoppe


*Favorite bar/lounge*   
Richard’s Restaurant & Lounge


*Best music venue/place to see live music*  
Summertime concerts on the Square


*Favorite museum*
Elberton Granite Museum


*Is your city friendly and accessible for persons with disabilities?*


*Best sports venue(s) and outdoor activity*    
Both of the above parks and high school football at the Granite Bowl


*To live like a local, you must have this experience*
…you must have a love of your neighbors.


*Movies/TV shows filmed in your city*
TOUCH music video, 2018; Hometown Georgia coming out in the spring; some of Breaking Away; recent Georgia Trend articles about Elberton and Bowman; Georgia Connector Magazine September, 2018


*Best local souvenirs to bring home*   
Home Sweet Home carries many locally made items in their weekend store.


*Best neighborhood to explore on foot*  
Homes around the city park.


*Product your city is famous for*
We are the Granite Capital of the World.


*Biggest tourist trap and places to avoid and when*
None, go anywhere


*Your best travel tip?*
Stay and tour.




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