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Insiders Guide: Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa. Georgia

Brasstown Valley Resort
Brasstown Valley Resort

*What is the nearest major airport*

Atlanta: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – Via US-19 S, 2.5 hours


*Favorite 5-star hotel*

Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa –


*5 places that visitors must see*

Equani Spa

Equani Spa offers a true sanctuary providing body treatments, facials, soothing massages and unique rituals indigenous to the Cherokee people, designed to stimulate and refresh the mind, body and soul.


Brasstown Valley Golf Course

Brasstown Valley Golf.
Brasstown Valley Golf.

Crane Creek Vineyards

Crane Creek Vineyards sits high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, in the shadow of Brasstown Bald, the state’s highest peak. Less than two hours from Atlanta.

Nearby Crane Creek wines
Take a little time from Brasstown to visit and wine taste at the Crane Creek Vineyards.


Rollins Planetarium

The O. Wayne Rollins Planetarium opened in 1979. This unique space features a state-of-the-art GOTO Chronos Space Simulator star projector, a device that uses light guide technology to project a realistic and beautiful starry sky.


Brasstown Bald

Brasstown Bald is the highest point in the U.S. state of Georgia. Located in northeast Georgia, the mountain is known to the native Cherokee people as Enotah. It is the highest ground for 15.86 miles.


*Best local newspaper*

Towns County Herald –


*Best website for what’s going on about town*


*Favorite fine dining restaurant*

The Dining Room at Brasstown Valley –


*Favorite for Breakfast*

The Dining Room at Brasstown Valley –


*Favorite bar/lounge*

Fireside Lounge

Brassies Grill . Casual dining drinks. Beautiful comfortable rustic atmosphere.


*Favorite museum*

Rollins Planetarium –


*Is your destination friendly and accessible for persons with disabilities?*



Best sports venue(s) and outdoor activity:

Brasstown Valley Golf Course –

Brasstown Bald


*Most popular local food*

Brasstown Shrimp & Grits


*To live like a local, you must have this experience*

Brasstown Bald


*Best neighborhood to explore on foot*



*Your best travel tip?*


Hike through the Chattahoochee National Forest, then relax at the Equani Spa!


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