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Deirdre Frost

Deirdre Frost – A versatile journalist, Deirdre specializes in outdoor and adventure travel destinations, especially in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. She writes for a variety of national and international travel trade and online publications, including JAX FAX Magazine, Trains Magazine, and Nordic Reach. Her travel extends to the Arctic Circle where she recently visited Norway’s remote archipelago of Svalbard to feature the wildlife of the High Arctic.

Deirdre chose to be known by one of her award winning watercolors.
Deirdre chose to be known by one of
her award-winning watercolors.


Deirdre also covers food and wine in some unusual venues as part of her culinary travel adventures. As an avid sports enthusiast, she writes about her experiences whether it is playing golf, taking bushwalks or skiing the mountains.  But best of all, she enjoys exploring nature preserves and wandering along the beaches near her home on Long Island Sound at any time of year.