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Discover Rhinebeck’s luxurious Spa Resort in New York’s Hudson Valley

Reenergize and Rejuvenate

by Deirdre Frost

Rhinebeck, New York
The Old Stone Farm has been beautifully restored.

A beautiful spot along the Hudson, the bustling, rustic town of Rhinebeck presents a happy, carefree scene, inspired by idyllic farmhouses and country houses. If it were not for this relaxing country vibe, you’d think that you were stepping back in time.

The Old Stone Farm highlights the rural character of Rhinebeck.

Beekman Arms
The Beekman Arms has historical significance in Rhinebeck.


The historic Beekman Arms, which is the oldest American inn, evokes a bygone era, while retaining a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. Wealthy industrialists and past Presidents are linked to this historic town. In my recent visit, I am reminded of this wealth and power when driving along Rockefeller Lane towards the center of town.

Seeing beautiful horses at Whistlewood Farm and B & B is well worth a visit.


Rhinebeck is an ideal jumping off point to explore the beautiful Hudson Valley Region within an hour and half drive from New York City. Grand Victorian mansions, horse farms and vineyards can be encountered in the region. In town, the Victorian architecture is a distinct feature of the surroundings.

Mirbeau has a grand, magnificent feel like a French chateau.

The newly-constructed Mirbeau Inn & Spa blends in well with the prevailing architecture having an old European feel and a sense of grandeur.

Mirbeau’s design reflects a casually elegant setting.

Even the reception area has a striking Hudson River artwork that provides a historic flair.  With its stark minimalist style, the setting is beautifully understated and elegant.

Dinner in the Willow by Charles Palmer. Eclectic menu selections include NY strip steak au poivre, Mirbeau burger, pan seared halibut and Australian lamb rack that are served in an intimate, candlelight setting, providing an enhanced dining experience.

Mirbeau Restaurant
The Willow by Charles Palmer Restaurant at Mirbeau offers a wide range of dishes.

The ambiance is lively and upbeat, while the service is unassuming while personable.

At Mirbeau, the well appointed rooms and suites feature fireplaces, spacious bathrooms and comfortable beds that are easily accessible to the spa. The overall décor complements the tastefully  designed spa interior. Fresh flowers in the rooms provide a special welcome.

The well-appointed suite has comfort and style.

A few days spent here is all about feeling good and not worrying about anything. I venture into the spa and find a tranquil sanctuary to relax and unwind. Under the soft glow of the fireplace, I find a quiet spot in the relaxation room to enjoy the stress-free environment.

Later outside, its into the jacuzzi   to enjoy the soothing water.

The warm waters of the jacuzzi are wonderfully relaxing.

The next day I start with a workout in the fitness center and then visit the exercise studio to choose from a schedule of fitness activities, consisting of some forms of Yoga, Stretch and Pilates, and Qigong and Tai Chi.

The fitness studio offers a daily regimen of exercises, ranging from Yoga to Tai Chi.

My interest is to choose exercise classes that tone and strengthen different areas of the body for boosting my energy and overall stamina.

The spa provides a great introduction to Tai Chi, which is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of a series of gentle, physical exercises and stretches that energize the whole body. Even at an introductory level, these fluid, graceful standing movements can alleviate stress and improve vitality. I follow the lead of the instructors expert guidance in modeling these slow movements. He offers a series of balance exercises to improve  agility and performance that are helpful in sports training.

Next is Primal Fit class to improve physical fitness and endurance.  This class has great appeal since it focuses on strengthening and mobilizing joints and muscles through continuous movement. The exercises, which combine physical conditioning with stretching, are ideal for building endurance.

The Spa provides the latest organic and bio tech treatments for the body and spirit.

Aside from fitness and wellness programs, the spa offers a wide range of treatments and services to enhance health and wellness. Choosing a facial, massage or body treatment can be wonderfully soothing and relaxing to the body and spirit.

This full service spa and wellness facility offers a wide range of group exercise classes, as well as a variety of virtual classes. Other programs include private and semi-private fitness training. Reservations for these activities need to be made in advance.

Rhinebeck offers so much whether it’s experiencing the world-class Spa Mirbeau, taking in the beautiful scenery or hiking the trails in the Hudson Valley. But most of all, this premier spa resort is a delightful getaway to relax and enjoy the authentic historic setting.

For further information:

Mirbeau Inn & Spa with NY locations in Rhinebeck, Skaneateles, Albany, and Plymouth, MA; tel: 1-877-MIRBEAU;

Willow by Charlie Palmer at Mirbeau in Rhinebeck; tel:  (845) 516-7327;







































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