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Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht

DSCN4049        Reviewed by Patricia Gallagher
The title of this book drew me in for the first 10 pages and then lost me completely and never got my interest back. Perhaps messy, mixed up story telling would have been a clearer title.

Author Darlene Schacht shares her personal bout with infidelity including dropping this information bomb shell on her father who is in a hospital dying of lung cancer. The last thing, in my opinion, one should yell at their father at that critical time in his life. For all we know he wouldn’t have cared when he was healthy.

She never indicates whether she had any intention of telling her husband of this extramarital relationship but he comes home from work, early on his birthday and confronts her about the affair.

This book would have been less than 100 pages long if it were not for the filler she overwhelms readers with including quotes from the Bible and letters from women who evidently read her previous books.

Basically the book has no continuity and hops all over the place. Darlene Schacht has written nine books so far, I dare say I won’t be reading anymore of them. Unfortunately the reader has no idea where she is in her life at any given time, are her children little or high school age? Her rambling leaves me clueless as to what happened regarding her affair. The inconsistency of her 25 year martial relationship makes me wonder why they are still together.

Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht
MSRP $15.99
ISBN# 9781400206209
Pages 215




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