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Plymouth – “America’s Hometown” Celebrates Tradition and Innovation

by Deirdre Frost

Plymouth’s 400th Anniversary celebrations commemorate the Pilgrim landing in America.

As the ancestral home of the Pilgrims, Plymouth, Massachusetts has always fascinated my family. We’ve been intrigued how such intrepid spirits endured the high seas on the Mayflower to reach America over 400 years ago. Although the story of their journey has been told countless times, visiting Plymouth in person is the opportunity to find out more about the Pilgrims’ extraordinary voyage across the Atlantic and their arrival in the New World. To fully appreciate the challenges of coming to America, we were eager to visit  this historic area and develop a deeper understanding of this famous voyage.

Our first port-of-call is to State Pier to visit Mayflower II, a reproduction of a 17th century merchant vessel, which brought the Pilgrims to America. Prior to boarding the ship’s museum, we learn that this ship was built in 1957 in England and it also sailed across the Atlantic to Plymouth via Provincetown.

Onboard, we are presented with character cards of former Pilgrim passengers to provide an authenticate experience. Stepping into character, we were thrilled at the prospect of taking on the persona of Pilgrims who had endured the cramped quarters underneath the main deck and wonder how they could survive the arduous 66-day journey to  Plymouth.  This personal encounter not only reveals the harrowing experiences of Pilgrims, but also connects us to the early history of Plymouth.

Plymouth Rock Monument
Plymouth Rock National Monument displays the engraved granite stone that shows 1620 as the year of the Pilgrim landing.

We join lots of other tourists to visit the national monument of Plymouth Rock that is engraved with the year 1620 to commemorate the Pilgrim landing. Just opposite the monument is Leyden Street that takes us to an enclave of historic homes and the hallowed grounds of Pilgrims.

Further exploration leads us to the Plimoth Patuxet Museums, at their Warren Avenue site, which consist of Historic Patuxet (the Native American site), 17th century English Village, and Crafts Center. Mayflower II and the Plimoth Grist Mill are located three miles north of the Warren Avenue site in the Downtown/Watefront Plymouth area.

Plimoth Patuxet English Village
Wandering around the English Village at Plimoth Patuxet shows how Pilgrims once lived.

All of these historic elements feel like a whirlwind of movement that takes us back to celebrate the early colonial times of our national heritage.

Pilgrim Belle Paddleboat
Taking a harbor cruise on the Pilgrim Belle is a chance to experience the maritime life around Plymouth.

For added pleasure, we return to the waterfront in the afternoon to take a harbor cruise on the Belle Pilgrim Paddle Wheeler to view the maritime activity and the Plymouth’s lighthouse, Bug Light, at the entrance to Plymouth Harbor.

 Plymouth’s famous Bug Light has guided ships to safety for over 150 years.

After our exploration of the harbor, we returned to the downtown area to view the newly-constructed buildings that complement the historic architecture.

One brand new development  is Harbourtown on Water Street that houses both commercial and residential property with a mix of high-end retail shops on the ground floor and suites, residences, and a new restaurant featuring outdoor dining with fabulous waterfront views.

The brand new Harbourtown’s appeal is offering luxury and privacy with a variety of property options all in one building.

The amazing waterfront views and accessibility to the harbor and Mayflower II makes this property outstanding for its prime location.

Particularly attractive is the beautiful-designed, contemporary Harbourtown Suites with its private access and complimentary parking. It is so appealing that we book a one bedroom suite that has wonderful views of Plymouth Bay with a private balcony facing the heart of the cultural district.

Harbourtown suites
The beautifully-designed residences and suites provide modern amenities and conveniences with stunning harbor views.

The privacy of the new luxury condominiums is especially attractive to individuals who are seeking vacation homes or second homes with all the amenities and conveniences. These residences also offer exclusive access to the rooftop to enjoy  scenic views of the waterfront. No matter whether it is for a short or an extended stay, Harbourtown offers a variety of retail and residential options that provide luxury and privacy in an attractive waterfront setting.

Celebrating its history, Plymouth is preserving its identity as a green and sustainable “America’s Hometown” while providing extensive maintenance and restoration to its cultural sites. With such remarkable flagship sites, it is essential to pass down its historic relevance to future generations. In assuming this responsibility, Plymouth is striking a balance to innovate while keeping tradition alive.

For further information:

See Plymouth – ; tel: (508) 747-0100; See Plymouth app

Plimoth Patuxet Museums –; tel: (508) 746-1622

Captain John Boats/ Pilgrim Belle Cruises –;; tel: (508) 556-1426

Harbourtown –; tel: (508) 245-2856

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