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Copycat and a litter of other cats by David Yow

Reviewed by Patricia Gallagher 

Cute, clever, funny line drawings of cats, all accompanied by puns revolving around the word CAT.  Here is a great gift for your favorite cat lover with a sense of humor. Printed on heavyweight paper, with  clever dust cover drawing of two cats facing front, on the front, their backside on the back. A great coffee table book  guests will enjoy leafing through.
My favorite portrait is Catfight Battle of the Champions Miss Kitty vs Trixie, created like a colorful Fight poster.
All of David Yow’s cat portraits are based on a similar line drawing with photographic textures in the cat bodies and each cat is set into a photographic setting.  In real life he is a true cat lover once living in an apartment where cats were not allowed he had a life-sized cardboard cutout of a cat.
Another clever pun is Stray Cat, no cat, just a wall in the accompanying drawing. The beginning and end of the book are line drawings of a cat from the front and rear, just in case you want to color your own cat and add a pun.
David Yow

David Yow

Most people know David Yow as the singer in the band Jesus Lizard. He also is an actor, artist, and musician. He currently lives in Los Angles, California with his three cats; Little Buddy, Penny and Nico.

Copycat and a litter of other cats

by David Yow                                                                                                                          MSRP $23.95                                                                                                               Hardcover: 160 pages                                                                                                    Publisher: Akashic Books (August 12, 2014)                                                           ISBN-10: 617752703                                                                                                              ISBN-13: 978-1617752704





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