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Road Trip Fuel, Chef Style!

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My friend Simone represents some of the greatest chefs and restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of dining at over the years. Here she polled some of these outstanding chefs on their ideas for snacks on summer roadtrips.

As we have our own road trip coming up in August, I’m going to copy some of their hints.  If you’re in the neighborhood of any of these great dining spots be sure to stop in. MG

Never running on empty, these chefs have got snacks & vices to keep things cruising

Road trips are an American pastime in the summer – and just like the car needs fuel, so do hungry travelers! A few chefs notorious for their road trips are dishing on the time-tested snacks they pack and the guilty pleasures they stop for along the way. From salty-sweet to savory, healthy to gluttonous, these chefs run the gamut for highway munchies.
Anthony Acinapura, Chef de Cuisine, Brasserie Beck [Washington, DC]
Road trip Destination: Bethany Beach, Delaware
Snacks to Pack: “Any Acinapura road trip requires lots of good food to keep my three daughters (4, 5 & 13) content. I’m Italian, so I like to keep it all in the family with a big Italian Charcuterie Sandwich:Prosciutto, Mortadella, Sopresata, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar. Molto bene!”
Snacks to Buy: “Stops along the way are inevitable. At gas stations, I usually try to sell my daughters on the Bananas, but somehow we always walk out with our arms full of Barbecue Chips and Twizzlers.”Matthew Britt, Executive Chef, Ceiba [Washington, DC]
Road Trip Destination: Saint Michaels, Maryland
Snacks to Pack: “Not applicable! My wife and I try to plan our trips around great places to stop and eat – so we always leave hungry.”
Snacks to Buy: “We head to St. Michaels to make a long stop at The BBQ Joint in Easton, MD and chow down on some Brisket and Pulled Pork. We hit up Cantler’s on the return for Maryland Crabs and a cold beer. It’s all about mapping ahead!”Brant Tesky, Executive Chef, Acadiana [Washington, DC]
Road Trip Destination: Douthat State Park in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia
Snacks to Pack: “A Turkey Sandwich might sound ho-hum, but not when I make it with my Sun-dried Tomato Pesto! It’s quick to whip up—just a little Garlic, Basil, Parmesan, Pine Nuts and Sun-dried Tomatoes, blended together with Virgin Olive Oil.”
Snacks to Buy: “Corn Nuts are my go-to gas station purchase. I don’t consider it junk food since it only has three ingredients: Corn, Salt and Oil. I’m also a Beef Jerky fan.”

Andrew Evans, Chef & Owner, The BBQ Joint [Easton, MD]
Road Trip Destination: Frequent trips between Easton, Maryland and Washington, DC
Snacks to Pack: “My daughters have come to expect Dad’s famous Pressed Panini Sandwiches onCiabatta Bread on our to-and-fro journeys east and west. The secret ingredient is my Homemade Chutney with Homegrown Green Tomatoes and Nutmeg.”
Snacks to Buy: “I’ve discovered the ultimate road trip fuel: Iced Coffee from Wawa—the strongest brew this coffee addict has ever tried.”

David Guas, Chef & Owner, Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery [Arlington, VA]
Road Trip Destination: Lambstock in Patrick Springs, Virginia
Snacks to Pack: “When you’re riding on a Harley, there’s not a lot of room for snacks, and they have to withstand the heat. That’s why I throw a bag of my Gras-NOLA in the saddlebag, made with Rolled Oats, Ground Cinnamon, Toasted Almonds and Raisins.”
Snacks to Buy: “I always have to stop for some Beef Jerky on the way; it’s my sustenance. Sriracha, Chipotle, Hickory-Smoked—I like to change it up.”

Tucker Yoder, Executive Chef, Clifton Inn [Charlottesville, VA]
Road Trip Destination: The mountains in western Virginia or the Outer Banks (when we need the beach)
Snacks to Pack: “If there’s one thing my wife does great, it’s her Buttermilk Biscuits—light, flaky and just a touch of Honey. At that point, all you need to add is a few slices of Virginia Country Ham and a dab of melted Honey Butter.”
Snacks to Buy: “We’re not much of a fast food clan, but if we must, it’s always the White Cheddar Popcorn. If you peek in the rearview mirror, you’ll see my kids licking the bag”

Chris Clime, Executive Chef, PassionFish [Reston, VA]
Road Trip Destination: Folly Beach, South Carolina
Snacks to Pack: “With an eight hour drive and two kids, impeccable planning of the snacks is key. We’ll try to keep it healthy with Roasted Peanuts and Apple Slices with Almond Butter.”
Snacks to Buy: “When we have to stop along the way, you’re looking at Cheddar-flavored Combos andReese’s Pieces, and for me: headache medicine (the strongest available) and ear plugs. Just pray we packed the iPad charger!”

Haley Bittermann, Executive Chef, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group [New Orleans, LA]
Road Trip Destination: Grand Isle, Louisiana for some fishing with my Yeti cooler, rods and sun block!
Snacks to Pack: “My six-year-old son Auden does the snack packing with what he likes to call “Awesome Audi’s Trail Mix” with Pretzels, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Goldfish Crackers and, of course,M&M’s.”
Snack to Buy: “If you make the drive from New Orleans without stopping for some Boudin Balls, then you’re probably not human… and you’re definitely not from Louisiana! And not to forget—Boiled Peanuts, Meat Pies and Cracklings.”

Ian Schnoebelen, Executive Chef, Mariza [New Orleans, LA]
Road Trip Destination: Pensacola Beach, Florida
Snacks to Pack: “Might sound like a strange road trip food, but I’m rather famous along Highway 10 for my Spicy Fish Tacos! I wrap them individually so they’re easy to chow down on the road. It’s usually leftover Snapper or Tilapia with a little Avocado, Cumin, Lime Juice and my Homegrown Habanero Peppers in a Flour Tortilla. A fair warning: they’re not for the faint of heart!”
Snacks to Buy: “My favorite junk food is Lays Potato Chips, but only original flavor, which has just three ingredients: Potatoes, Oil & Salt.”

Cory Bahr, Executive Chef & Owner, Restaurant Cotton [Monroe, LA]
Road Trip Destination: My apartment in New Orleans or Orange Beach, Alabama
Snacks to Pack: “There’s something about a road trip that necessitates a Pimento Cheese Sandwich. Yes, I’m talking about the ones on good ole White Wonder Bread. Needs to stick to the roof of your mouth.”
Snacks to Buy: “The classic Coca-Cola Icee is my rocket fuel for the road. Coca-Cola really started in Monroe, so we all grew up on the flavor.”

Robert St. John, Executive Chef & Owner, Purple Parrot Café and Branch [Hattiesburg, MS]
Road Trip Destination: New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle
Snacks to Pack: “I always need a little sugar rush behind the wheel to keep me focused, and needless to say, my Grandmother Muz’s Fudge Cake does the trick. I wrap a piece up like a brownie and just eat it with my fingers—I mean, who’s looking?!”
Snacks to Buy: “I grew up eating Oatmeal Creme Pies, and I have yet to have the willpower to walk by one at a gas station. And I always grab a Lemon-flavored Peace Tea.”

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