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Run in a Quarry in Columbia SC?

 Demanding run in the Vulcan Quarry
Running in the Vulcan Quarry

By Mary Gallagher…


A few years back we went up to Columbia, SC to check the course for the Vulcan Quarry Run. Now I have trouble walking in a straight line stone sober so running isn’t on my menu ever! But that’s not to say I can’t admire those who do.


First of all who knew this giant stone quarry was in the city limits and just 2 miles from  the State Capital building?


Do you think you have what it takes to run down massive declines into the earth and straight back up to the top?


We covered the whole route in a good size golf cart driven by a Vulcan employee who knew the quarry like the back of his hand.


After leaving the parking area it’s like being on the moon. The neighborhood, grass and trees disappear and you’re in a rock canyon with just the sky!


Unlike any other nation-wide races, the Quarry Crusher Run Series allows unique landscape views with aching muscles and bones to help you remember it all. For runners this is a true test.


Quarry Runs are now in 7 other cities around the US besides Columbia, SC.

Vulcan quarry run C Columbia SC
Vulcan quarry run Columbia SC


Once you’re in the quarry, the route winds down an average of a 10% grade (expect as much as 18% in areas!) through granite cliffs to the quarry floor. The approximately 400-500 foot ascent from the quarry floor to the finish makes the grueling event one of the nation’s most challenging foot races. Can you handle it? I had to hold on just riding in the golf cart!

You can compete in the Single Crusher (around 3.7 miles) and the Double Crusher (7.4 miles – not for the faint of heart!).

8th Annual Quarry Crusher Run Columbia:

March 23, 2019 @ 8 a.m.

Location: Vulcan Materials Quarry, Columbia, SC.

START LINE AREA: 611 Rosewood Drive

Proceeds benefiting the South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe



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