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Sagamore pool

by Deirdre Frost–
When visiting New York’s Adirondack State Park, it is not unusual to experience a few cold snaps that create an invigorating and inviting atmosphere especially in spring. The drab city life is left behind as I arrive in Lake George and the Sagamore before the height of the season.

Lake George

Walking on the Shore at the Sagamore.

As one of the most scenic areas in America, I am in awe by the beauty while driving through tranquil woodlands around this vivid blue lake. In an uncanny way, Lake George awakens just like a child emerging from slumber as it comes alive and shakes off its sleepy winter countenance. Yet, in gazing at the  lake, I am filled with a sense of wonder viewing the soft rippling waves that seem to be in harmony with the peaceful mountainous backdrop.Captivated by the scenery. I feel the freshness of the mountain air that is so calm and relaxing.

The Sagamore Resort at Lake George.

Peaceful shoreline at the Sagamore on Lake George.

Along the shoreline, you’ll discover small scenic coves that are partially hidden from the lake road.

Upon reaching the hamlet of Bolton Landing, I come to a few boatyards leading to The Sagamore. With its own island setting, this resort is impressive with magnificent views of Lake George and the Adirondacks. This historic landmark has been the favorite of many well-heeled guests and celebrities since the late 19th century.
Upon my arrival, I find that The Sagamore has an aura that seems magically to blend the beauty of the hotel with the natural surroundings. It is so relaxed with guests seated on wide verandas and enjoying the cool lake breezes. Guests can take pleasure in the spa or a brisk swim in the lake or the large outdoor pool. Watersports include cruising the lake on the resort yacht, The Morgan.

In my case, the main attraction is the great outdoors, where I start with a nature walk that features tall hemlock trees and amazing views of Lake George. Fascinated by the lake, I watch a fisherman in his boat seem so at peace with his surroundings. The mysteries seem to widen as I continue to explore the lakefront bordering the resort grounds.

I find that coming to The Sagamore in spring is a great time to connect with nature. As the golf course had just opened, who could pass up a chance to play a round of golf at the Sagamore Resort Golf course, which is only two miles from the main resort. The immaculately-kept grounds are pristine as my partner and I make our debut on this 18-hole course. On top of the hilly greens, the beauty of the Adirondacks is astounding as one tees off the first hole of this Douglas Ross mountain course. The rolling terrain creates super fast greens that enhance my game as we draw inspiration from the beauty of the landscape.

Woods and wetlands create some interesting contrasts to the terrain that bring a different experience to every hole. The rolling elevation changes create a lot of uphill and downhill shots that add to the excitement. After an exhilarating day on this course, I’m planning my next opportunity to play here.

Dining at the Sagamore

One of several dining choices The Sagamore Clubhouse.

To cap off a glorious day, I could not find a better place to dine al fresco then at the Sagamore’s La Bella Vita restaurant. Dining on the terrace, with majestic views of Lake George surrounded by the Adirondacks evokes a sense of wonder and intimacy. The scenery enhances  deliciously prepared, tender veal scaloppini accompanied by a glass of chilled wine. With its captivating scenery, The Sagamore exceeds expectations as the place to celebrate life in a spectacular setting and melt all stress away.

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