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Salt, salt and more salt

At a Chef Richard Gras tasting menu in the kitchen at Salt, in the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island we had a little divided tray on our table with an outstanding assortment of salts. I had recently visited Penzy’s spice store in Pittsburgh on the famous “foodies”dream street aka The Strip and for years have been a big fan of Vann’s, out of Baltimore, especially their smoked salt. I tasted every one of Chef Gras’ assortment at Salt and it was amazing as some you would hardly have known were salt and others had an intense lingering salt taste.

We’ve used a sea salt from our trip to Wales a few years ago (we bought a lot!) and it’s always had a better flavor than ordinary table salt.

At the amazing Alchemy dinner at Chef Kevin Sousa’s Bigelow Grille in Pittsburgh an entire 17 course dinner that had occasional touches of salt. Alchemy dinners are quite unique with or without artisan salts and there were some plates I still don’t understand while others soared. A popular idea now is “foam” on plates and to be honest it never seems to have any taste or obviously substance impact for me.