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Shopping in Manteo Helps a Worthy Cause

By Mary Gallagher

There is a lot of talk about Staycations or Daycations and such to save money but give the sense of a getaway. We love one or two day explorations and recently took off for Manteo to gaze at the waves and take in the production “The Lost colony”.

To North Carolinians and others who visit the shore on a regular basis Roanoke Island with its little towns of Manteo and Wanchese are well known beach spots that recent newcomers like us are just discovering.

On this beautiful Saturday we drove into town easily parked the car and gazed at the picturesque pier where one artist was working on sketches and a guitarist looked ready to set up to perform with a backdrop of blue water lapping against a wide variety of boats.

The historic waterfront area has been reconstructed in a way that blends well with the older properties still there while also providing a nice mix of housing and commercial uses.

We walked around the dock area enjoying local kids jumping off the bridge into Shallowbag Bay like kids have done forever. They gave us a report on sightings at the bottom of bicycles, golf carts and even a mattress.

There are a number of choices for lunch and dinner from casual sandwich shops to finer sit down restaurants. Or one can proceed a few miles to highway 64 to catch all the chains.

As an art and craft collector I was fascinated by the windows of “Endless Possibilities” on Budleigh St. We are on a constant mission to find trip mementos of locally handcrafted items. It takes aggressive searching to avoid “made in China” or Taiwan.

Endless Possibilities features hand woven products including rugs, wall hangings, clothing, shoes, shawls and more created by volunteers from castoff fabric made into rag strips all gleaned from un-saleable clothing and other items from the Outer Banks Hotline thrift stores. Now you would never believe these beautiful pieces came from some old ragged pajamas or curtains and men’s ties they have a field day with.

Spectacular wall hangings, purses and tote bags line the walls and I could have bought everything in the shop. But best of all, in this warm creative atmosphere gifted volunteers are giving of their time and talents to provide support for battered women and children through the sale of their artistic pieces.

If you have special items from a loved one from a single tie or a tie collection perhaps an aunt’s favorite dress the weavers here can create a wall hanging that you’ll cherish forever.

Weaving classes are also available.

Endless Possibilities
105 Budleigh St.
Manteo, NC 27954
252 475 1575

Donate items to the Outer Banks Thrift Stores:
Manteo (Highway 64), Kittyhawk, Nags Head and Rodanthe.

For visitor information:

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