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Spring Fling in the Killington Mountains

Story and Photos by Deirdre Frost Coming to the mountains for a fast getaway is not new, but this year at Killington, Vermont, some of the top sports elite and other enthusiasts come out for some of the best snow and mountain bike experiences in the Northeast. The extraordinary Green Mountains wilderness is the backdrop for high adrenalin activities that attracts my partner and me for a quick adventure holiday with one of the best snow conditions this spring.  Now with the possibilities of using better performance exercise equipment, we wish to take advantage of the new tech and to emulate athletes, even though we do not have the same levels of training as pros.  Knowing how the demand for high performance sports has skyrocketed, we choose Killington that is well- known for offering year round sports and activities.

In our quest for great conditions, we come to Killington to test our skills on the mountains and to seek the company of other sports enthusiasts who are looking for challenge and ultimately, to have some fun.  Our first encounter is to set off early morning to experience some of the best snow of the season.  We meet up with some friendly skiers, who are just as avid as we are to hit the slopes for some early runs before the conditions change on the mountains.  We hear about some new apps like Trace Snow to help skiers track their performance in snow.  While riding the K1 gondola, one of the skiers checks her ski app and calls out the distance as we reach the 4,241 foot peak.  

We find our experiences are heightened when we have chance encounters with a few fellow skiers who are willing to show us the best trails to ski.  Later that day, we meet up with a group of skiers who offered helpful tips on how to prevent snow from sticking to skis.  When we look for advice on how to get a better ride from our skis, we meet Robert Sardelli, who suggests that waxing can significantly improve glide and prevent snow from building up for better performance. As an experienced ski racer, he invites us to his Mountain Sports Inn to use his tuning room to apply high performance wax to our skis.  His son, Cameron, actually demonstrates how to apply the wax, which he claims can make difference in the ski glide, speed and efficiency.

We are impressed with his helpful advice on improving ski performance and decide to stay overnight at the Mountain Sports Inn.  We find a number of sports-minded people who are repeat guests since they enjoy the quiet ambiance and the Inn’s proximity to the slopes. The friendly, but unobtrusive feel makes it not only a perfect place to unwind and relax in beautiful wooded surroundings, but also its location on the Access Road makes it ideal to reach the area’s restaurants and nightclubs.  

To meet up with other skiers, we drive along the Access Road to our next port of call at the Lookout Tavern and join the locals for some après-ski refreshments.  At this popular hangout, the proprietors, Joy and Phil Black, greet us warmly as we take seats on the upper desk that look out at Killington’s Six Peaks and watch the last moments of sunlight casting a fiery alpenglow on the mountaintops. We satisfy our appetites with delicious jerk-chicken sandwiches and local brews, which we enjoy while overlooking the magnificent Killington Mountains. The scenery undoubtedly uplifts our spirits, as Joy tells us how she enjoys biking along the scenic roads for over 18 miles before coming to work.  The tavern is lively with sports people who like rendezvous and mingle with others, including a local mountain bike club which meets up after riding for refreshments.

When we ask her for dining suggestions, she mentions a few local places and then recommends Choices Restaurant and Rotisserie with Chef Claude Blais, who she claims, is one of the most distinguished restaurateurs in Killington.  In entering Choices, we feel a sense of comfort as we are seated in a stylish, intimate salon that has a French bistro flair.  The cuisine is superb with a wide variety of choices, including delectable filet mignon, rack of lamb, chicken marsala, salmon and filet of sole entrees. The attraction is not only the exceptional cuisine, but also the location of the restaurant with wonderful views of the Killington Mountains, which create just the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner for two.

With vivid memories, we wish to return to Killington as we realize this adventure brings a whole new level of energy to our travel that is immersed in sports and other activities.

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