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Navigating St. Simons Island

by Terry Conway Seeking gold in the New World, Spanish explorers originally came ashore more than four centuries ago. What they stumbled upon was its astonishing beauty, mild weather and abundant wildlife. They christened the lands the Golden Isles. As the largest barrier island in the Golden Isles, St. Simons Island lies across from the …

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Melbourne Pineapple Manor

Easy Going Melbourne Beach

by Terry Conway Did you know that parrots are the third most popular pet in the world? Trouble is they live a long time. Cockatoos and Amazonian parrots can reach the age of 75 or older, so there are a lot of bird castaways. In a cozy Dutch colonial house in Melbourne Beach, Fla., Luann …

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Jacksonville Beach’s Casa Marina Hotel: Old Florida charm.

Story by Jeff and Stephanie Sylva – Once known as “The World’s Finest Beach,” Jacksonville Beach on Florida’s northern-most Atlantic coastline basked in the glory of the 1920’s excitement, welcoming a host of celebrities, dignitaries, and even a fair share of gangster-types. At the center of this “playground for the rich and famous,” was a …

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Coronado – San Diego’s “Enchanted Island”

By Jeff and Stephanie Sylva As we sit home bracing for a winter storm predicted to be of “historical proportions,” we long for the warm, sunny climes of San Diego and Coronado Island from which we recently returned. When we planned a visit to these Southern California gems for January, we weren’t sure what to …

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