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The Gardening Chef

Not a totally new idea but Chefs Sean Minahan with Levy Restaurants at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh has a bountiful container roof garden with a million dollar view (we snuck a few cherry tomatoes off plants hmmm). This is also the first “green” convention center and the world’s largest LEED-certified ‘green’ building.

Some chefs have their own farms or herbs and baby lettuce growing behind or in front of their restaurants. Visit the spectacular restaurant at Patowmack Farm in the Virginia countryside for seasonally prepared menus featuring the farm’s “beyond organic,” Certified Naturally Grown produce, organic/natural meats, sustainable seafood and fine wines.

David Kinch at Manresa in Los Gatos, California has his biodynamic vegetables grown especially for him at Love Apple Farm, Darina Allen at Ballymaloe, Ireland with her organic farm and livestock and the esteemed Inn at Little Washington, in Virginia, has completed the planting of a cherry orchard allowing them to harvest Montmorency cherries for preserves and pickling. On your next visit stroll through their new herb and flower Garden.