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Unisex Bathrooms

Will you please put the seat down when you’re done? They tell me unisex bathrooms are appearing in more restaurants, bars and lounges across the country and I can’t say YES and thank you loud or fast enough. If you’ve been out with me and there is a line for the women’s you know I will take over the men’s with or without your assistance. European countries have had unisex bathrooms for a longtime. As long as architects and town boards don’t care that women waste hours of their life in bathroom lines while men breeze in and out; why not take over theirs? Recently at a theater we had to wait so long during intermission that it was time for the second act to start before I got to a stall.

This rings with same lack of consideration shown people with disabilities by architects, builders and governmental planning boards through their lack of experience and planning with blinders on. Try riding around in a wheel chair or covering your eyes for an entire day, I guarantee you’ll be convinced of the travesty of consistently repeated planning disasters.