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Using the Internet

It’s been obvious for several years now that potential guests are on the Internet and relying less and less on print stories and/or bound guides, turning instead to social media websites, travel sites and blogs. Just like newspaper and magazine articles you still need to read between the lines and realize that sometimes people even if they are writing for the Washington Post or Frommers don’t have a clue.

Any restaurant, hotel, Inn, B & B or attraction that doesn’t have easy access and navigation on their website with loads of information just lost out on a mucho business. I constantly search websites for information and am appalled at how poorly some are constructed and virtually unusable. In surveying travelers, we’ve found they like to view your website and then call for the more “touchy feely” information especially in the categories of Inns and B & B’s. One restaurant owner told me he hasn’t had time to work on his website and in my mind that lost him at least 25% of possible new reservations.