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Yosemite – A Wild Paradise

by Deirdre Frost

Among the top wonders on the list of many travelers is Yosemite National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Noted for its astounding beauty, this national treasure is immortalized in time when it was formed 2-3 million years ago. Nature-lovers are drawn to this national park to view the amazing landforms that rise like a Phoenix above the Yosemite Valley.
The sheer size of these natural wonders has a profound impact upon the spectators. I plan one day to journey over this mountainous terrain to view one of the most beautiful sights in America.
Starting my adventure in the wee hours, I am the first one to board the Gray Line bus in San Francisco to take the Yosemite tour.
Onboard my fellow passengers come from all over the country and abroad. We are then introduced to our driver and guide before departing on the air-conditioned, luxury coach. Throughout the journey, our guide keeps us entertained with his Irish wit and lively commentary during the 384-mile round trip from the “City by the Bay”.
Late morning, we wait in line to enter Arch Rock Entrance to Yosemite. It was as if Pandora’s box had finally opened, I had the opportunity to view the many different wonders that laid ahead in the park.
The smooth granite rock overlooks meadows in the High Sierra.

One of the first stops is seeing Half Dome, which is carved by glaciers and rises above the meadows of the High Sierra. This magnificent landform in the midst of other jagged peaks displays grandeur that is so inspiring.

El Capitan’s vertical drop challenges many climbers.
Yet, the magnificent El Capitan took my breath away. This extraordinary landform is carved by glaciers 30,000 years ago. Because of its sheer vertical height, the mountain presents formidable challenges to climbers who try to ascend its craggy peak.
Just as exciting is seeing the cascading waters of Yosemite Falls, which is the highest waterfalls in the park. This attracts  individuals to climb up the rocks to enjoy the soothing waters of the falls.
These waterfalls that tower above the rocky terrain are the highest in Yosemite.
Wandering around the park piques my interest to explore the surroundings, while keeping a watch for any stray black bears.
Beautiful Bridalveil Fall can seen while relaxing in the waters of the Merced River.
Mid-afternoon, our tour continues to Hanging Valley that overlooks the beautiful Bridalveil Fall.  There we take a few moments to admire the view and dip our feet into the cooling waters of the Merced River. This spectacular spot marks the end of a wonderful tour of Yosemite.
We then are pleasantly surprised to having the added pleasure of arriving into San Francisco just in time to enjoy a brilliant sunset from the Bay Bridge.
In every respect, Yosemite is an outstanding wildlife area that is protected, as John Muir, Father of Our National Park System, would have wished.
This national treasure is a paradise for everyone to enjoy.
Yosemite is a valuable asset to the nation and it is cherished and preserved now and for future generations.
For further information:
Yosemite National Park,
Road, Weather, and Park Information,
Tel: (209) 372-0200;
Gray Line, Tel: (415) 353-5310

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